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How healthy are you? Vote for your health

Most people define health as absence of disease. The Government has a term RDA (recommended daily allowance), which is based on the minimum amount that you can take to prevent a disease. Beri-beri, rickets and Scurvey are three that come to mind. These are diseases that develop when we are lacking certain nutrients.

To assess your health, draw a horizontal line across a piece of paper and left end put “Death-the right end put” total vitality “.
In the middle of the line to add a vertical sign.
From the midline mark (to the left) until “death” are levels or degrees of illness and from the midline mark (to the right) until “total vitality” levels or degrees of health.

What I came to realize is that most people believe that being healthy just because they have an apparent lack of illness. I’ve talked to people who are on blood pressure medicine and as long as the medicine is lowering blood pressure does not recognize that they still have hypertension. People who take cholesterol-lowering medications believe that if it is OK then I’m OK. Cholesterol-lowering medications do not solve the problem of what caused first the high cholesterol.

Osteoporosis, the silent disease, has been going on for years without any outward indicator. You know only that I have a problem with the test or when you fracture a hip or somewhere else in the body, due to an accident or a slip and fall.

Heart disease, the number one killer in the United States today, normally gives us some outward indicators. Since being obese or overweight, breathless a lot of time and some aches and pains. Most people choose to ignore these indicators and insist that nothing is wrong and that they are healthy. I read the statistics that the first 50% indicator of people with heart problems get, is death. It is such a sad state of affairs that 50% of people with heart problems never have a second chance. They never get to change their lifestyles to improve their health.

Before any changes can take place, people must recognize that something may not be as great as they do to be. Take a realistic look to your health. Vote for your health; put a sign on the line as healthy as you think of that being. Ask a doctor or other health professional to assess your health and add a mark on the line. Recognize that if you also take drugs-as painful as it is to admit, cannot be on the right side of the center line.

Ask your doctor and what it will take to get off the drugs that you are taking now. If the answer is that you have to take the rest of your life, your next two questions should be 1) why? And 2) do you mind if I get a second opinion?

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